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Apr 24, 2009 at 03:58 PM

IDOCS 51 >> RBDPROCESS partially works (HR OU from R3 to CRM)



I am new in the IDOC ALE area.

I am following the document

The IDOCs get created and sent. The problem I have is at processing them.

1. IDOC 1 gets processed.

2. IDOC 2 and 3 do not get processed due to locked objects.

3. IDOC 4 gets processed.

4. IDOC 5 and 6 do not get processed due to locked objects.

More or less that is the behaviour.

I ran RBDPROCESS to process again the ones with status 51, and nicely they become 53 (successfully processed), but I go inside of the IDOC and only the 1st segment is in status 53, but the rest of the segments remain 51, hence nothing gets processed.

Any help or ideas are really appreciated.

Does RBDPROCESS create a new IDOC to be processed later on in the day?

How can I make sure all the records get processed?

How, and the most important, how can I deal with the recurrent locked obejct issue I have.



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