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Apr 24, 2009 at 02:54 PM

SO_OBJECT_SEND problem - SNDEX Express email



We are facing some issues while using FM SO_OBJECT_SEND.

Our requirements are:

- User should get pop-up message ALWAYS for express email while he is logged in.

- If forwarding address is specified in SO12 trx for the user, he should get email at the forwarding address as well as pop-up message for Express email.

I have set the flag SNDEX for FM SO_OBJECT_SEND and I observed below results:

- When there is no Forwarding email address in SO12, I am getting pop-up for express mail.

- When I specify Forwarding email address (Internet), I am not getting pop-up for express mail but getting email at my SAP Inbox as well as external email address specified in SO12.

How to get pop-up message for express email and forwarding email address work AT THE SAME TIME?

Are there any SAP settings I have to do or something needs to be done in FM SO_OBJECT_SEND?

Your input is highly appreciated!