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Apr 24, 2009 at 12:25 PM

Inconsistent Database object with Runtime object


Hi experts,

I have a custom table which already has its content in 'PRD'. I needed to add another field and change the field length of a table. After I transported my changes to PRD, my changes resulted in inconsistencies with database object with the runtime object. Which makes the table unaccessable as I tried to read table content, it resulted in a short dump.

I tried to adjust and activate the database using SE11 but the request was not executed succesfully.

I know we can just easily solve this problem by deleting the table and then recreate it. I wanted to avoid this solution as it means that we have to re-enter all the data and ask the data again from the client.

What could we possibly do to solve this problem?

Many Thanks

-Suwardi Nursalim-