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Apr 24, 2009 at 11:09 AM

Structure for partner functions for billing creation program


Hi All,

when we invoice two outbound deliveries, the system instead of making one invoice, makes two invoices simply because the ship to party is different.

Our sold to party /payer is equal in sales order/delivery.

but ship to party is different in sales order/delivery.

so we need to replace ship to party with sold to party value during run time when we are invoicing deliveries so that invoices do not split and they only combine.

I need to know which is the structure/internal table where the partner functions like sold to /ship to party is populated before finally passing the data to invoice table VBRK and invoice partner function table VRKPA.

as soon as we know the stucture name, we can change the ship to party value to sold to party value during run time and those values will be updated to billing tables by the system in its own standard way

we cannot change ship to party at sales order level, that is why we need to put a code as above.

can anyone inform the structure name and where it is available(billing user exit RV60AFZA or data t/f routine for billing or some where else) where all partner functions are populated from sales order/delivery including ship to party ??