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SAP Replication in ASE 16, i miss my Sybase Central


Its been more than 16 years we use the Replication Server with two ASE's as Active and Standby. We are using the most simple setup for a warm-standby environment. We use this (simple) setup for three customers and switch active-standby every quarter of a year.

We are certainly not experts but we know enough to set it up and keep it running. We used to do this with Sybase Central (i know), maybe not the best tool but it worked.

I still use SC to see the stablequeue sizes, and check what sql statements are 'replicating'. Sometimes even to suspend and resume replication.

For most things i know the RS Commands, but sometimes a GUI is just simpler. I don't need this often (because it runs very stable) and my memory is not that great to remember every syntax of every command. Most of my colleagues (for helpdesk) know the Sybase Central tool and can use it. They don't know any RS Command.

So, i just installed the first ASE 16 on a Standby Server of a customer and i realized i don't have Sybase Central any more.

Does the Cockpit-tool that comes with the latest ASE 16 have this functionality or do i need to create my own repserver DBA tool, or is there any other alternative?



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