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Apr 23, 2009 at 12:26 PM

Failover CMS Datasources


I would like to perform a failover test in my BOXI R3. Here is my situation:

Our production environment is BOXI R3 installed in windows server(Win A), its CMS datasource is in oracle in unix (Unix B). We have a DR site, we have already installed another BOXI R3 in another windows server(DR Win C) and its CMS is point to the oracle in DR unix (DR unix D). We are using tnsnames.ora to connect to oracle. Normally, the DR Win C and DR Unix D is down.

For fail over test, we need to test:

1. The production windows(Win A) down while the production unix(Unix B) is still alive. Then, the DR Win C is up manually and the tnsnames.ora in DR Win C is point to Unix B oracle.

After DR Win C is up and start the Tomcat & BO SIA server manually, I discover all the job server, destination server ...etc cannot start up. The host name of those job servers & destination servers is change to Win A so I guess the BO in DR Win C can connect to the oracle in Unix B. But I don't why the job servers and destination servers cannot start up.

Please kindly advise. Thank you in advanced.

I still have two other situation, that is

2. both Win A & Unix B fail over to DR Win C & DR Unix D

3. Only Unix B fail over to DR Unix D while Win A still up.

Please kindly advise if you have an reference. Many thanks.