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Loading data from SAP BusinessObjects Cloud to BPC

Hi all,

I have successfully loaded both a model from BPC standard (NW) and the data within that model. I did this by saving one piece of data (let's say 100 LC) into a BPC model, then importing it to BObj Cloud and then creating a story to check that the data had also been imported.

My next challenge was to then export that data back to BPC.

In order to run as few processes as possible (and reduce the chance of committing errors) I decided to keep the data in BObj Cloud as it was and just change the data in BPC (so now it was changed to 0 LC with the same context options).

This would mean that when I exported data from BObj Cloud to BPC, the original data would appear and my BPC report would show 100 LC again.

However, when I exported the data back to BPC, I saw no change happen in BPC, so I can only assume that the export failed even though I was told zero records were rejected.

Can anybody see where I'm going wrong?

NOTE: in screenshot 3 you can see that there is a "Time & Categories" dimensions as well as a "CATEGORY" dimension created when I load the model from BPC. I think this might be interfering with the mapping of data back to BPC

screenshot-1.jpg (245.0 kB)
screenshot-2.jpg (78.9 kB)
screenshot-3.jpg (128.0 kB)
screenshot-4.jpg (134.7 kB)
screenshot-5.jpg (237.3 kB)
screenshot-6.jpg (71.6 kB)
screenshot-7.jpg (115.0 kB)
screenshot-8.jpg (259.6 kB)
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  • Hi Atila,

    There is no conflict between the Time and Categories / Categories dimension (tabs) of the Modeler.

    The lower section of the Time and Categories tab is where you define the category time frequencies / rolling forecast settings. From the help:

    • The data categories for financial planning are predefined and, when you are designing a model, you need only to modify the frequency settings. Forecasting is based on a range period (quarterly or yearly). The range for the rolling forecast is defined in relation to the current date as a number of periods in the past (Look Back) and a number of periods in the future (Look Ahead).

    The Categories dimension (tab) of the modeler is where you define security / access for the categories. This is a new feature in version 2016.20:

    • Modeling
      • When working with the Category dimension in the Modeler, you can now enable Data Access Control, allowing you to restrict read and write permissions for each public version to specified users. Assigning read only permissions for a public version prevents users from changing its data, but allows them to copy it to a private version that they can edit.


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    Nov 11, 2016 at 05:12 PM

    Try the import/export with PERIODIC measures. We currently don't take the YTD into account as most of the planning application are PERIODIC applications.

    Keep us posted.



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    • Former Member

      Sorry for the late reply, just noticed these notifications.
      Thanks, this was eventually what I decided to do and it worked.

  • Nov 10, 2016 at 01:39 PM

    Use simple test case with empty model (only single record)!

    Then use RSA1 to view import result.

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