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Apr 22, 2009 at 06:17 AM

Enabling Minute based Delta Extraction for FI-AR Extractors



We've a specific client requirement to load the data every 30 minutes for the extractors 0FI_AR_9 and 0FI_AR_4. It's mentioned in the SAP Note 991429 that we've to switch on BWFINEXT flag from ' ' to 'X'.

Since we are on PI 2005_1_700, I think the coding part is already implemented. So we have decided not to implement the note and only to have the BWFINEXT flag set to 'X' in table BWOM_SETTINGS. I would like to confirm whether the flag set will enable us to pull data every half an hour as per our requirement. Also would like to know whether this will affect the R3 postings in any way.

In the note it is mentioned

1) To ensure BWFINSAF should be atleast 3600 ( 1 hour) in BWOM_SETTINGS.

Since our data loading frequency is 30 minutes, what should be the ideal value for this field.

2) Optimum value of DELTIMEST is maintained as 60.

I would like to know the purpose of this field. Please suggest whether we should maintain the same value or not.

Looking forward for your valuable suggestions.