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Apr 22, 2009 at 04:55 AM

Automatic Payment


Hi Experts,

We are using E payment through SAP& we have created one format through DMEE transaction. There is one annexure colun contains Invoice number,Invoice date,total payment amount ,payment document document number and TDS amount. All fileds are having value but not TDS. My clinet deducted TDS amount at the time of Invoice/Payment which ever first. So kindly tell me,which filed needs to assign in to get the TDS amount in payment advice if it is deducted either invoice / payment.

Second thing : This F110 applicable for only Due or overdue items not for not due items.So 90% of times my clinet make the payments on discount basis.In order to payment terms it is not due items,but business want to make payment. Is it possible to made a payment for not due items.

Third thing : My client having one legal entity and 4 spearate Business areas.Most of the Vendors belonging to all Busines areas ,but payment will made by respective BA only.It is posisble to choose BA in free selection but it couldn't possible to make mandatory filed in F110.For that we would be create one validation.But it is not free to user.Is there any functional module to make payments to vendor Eapyment.