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Apr 22, 2009 at 04:33 AM

Warning message due to JSPDynpage


Hi All,

We have a scenario where in the jspdynpage we have only hyperlinks and One of the hyperlink is pointing to the standard uwl iview as follows


We are on CE7.1 and whenever I click on this hyperlink of jspdynpage, the uwl iview opens but with a warning msg at the header of the UWL as follows

"Another administrator is currently customizing this application. If you want to customize, please restart the application later and try again"

Same UWL iview when I open thru Home ->Work->UniversalWorklist , it does not show this warning message.

Is it bcoz of any session object inthe jspdynpage? any pointers will be of great help.

one note & Observation

assume that all the users are logout from the portal now any user first logged into the portal then that warnong message is not displayed at the header level of the UWL iView which we are accessing thru the hyper link from the JSPDynpage . but second user onwards any number of users are logged into the portal and click on the hyperlink in the JSPDynpage and it goes to UWL Iview where it is showing the above mentioned warning message at the header level. it is happening the same for the second user, third user and all users consequently but this warning message is not displayed for the very first logged in user.

Can anybody replys then it would be great help to us . <<text removed>>

when we access those links directly from the browser it is not giving that above specified warning message but this warning message is getting displayed when we access those hyperlinks from JSPDynpage .it seems there is some session related problem or something related to that. pls help.




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