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Aug 01, 2018 at 03:11 AM

Why is the Customer Exit for a BEx Variable not being called?


I have a BEx Variable type Customer Exit, Reference Characteristic 0CALMONTH, single selection and optional entry. I have an active implementation on BADI - ZBW_RSR00001. In the filter section the mentioned variable is maintained. I have placed a break-point in the process segment to debug my code. But, while executing the Query from RSRT with debug the break point is not reached.

Things I have checked.

1. Reactivating the Implementation.

2. Changing the variable's entry type to mandatory. Result - The option to select comes up but the implementation is not triggered.

3. Set a break-point in CL_EXITHANDLER->GET_INSTANCE. Result - the BADI is called but the implementation is not reached.

4. This thing is working fine in our Production Environment but not in Dev / Test Env.