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Aug 01, 2018 at 01:58 AM

Production for multi level configurable material



My client use configurable material for finish material, semifinish material, raw material. I have maintained master data and configure all setting:

- Material master data (tick Material is configuration), class, characteristic, ...

- BOM, routing, dependency,...

- Configuration profile for finish, semi-finish, raw

When I converted Planned Order to Production order, I encountered this error (Image attach)

If I clicked to Maintain, system would have dump.

If I clicked cancel and went to tab component (characteristic value assignment), system get out error no configuration profile. But I maintained configuration profile for finish, semi-finish, raw (status configuration profile: release)

I dont understand why this error is coming. Please help, where do I need to check these settings.

Thanks in advance,

Tuan Anh


dump.png (42.0 kB)
dump.png (42.0 kB)
error.png (68.1 kB)