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Jul 31, 2018 at 08:31 PM

Maintenance of "identifiers", "phrases", "user defined text" / Unicode

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Dear all

Let us assime: you use a SAP ERP system in "unicode" mode. Let us assume you are handling identifers, phrases etc. in reference to languages as: Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Russian etc.

We have the feeling that; if some long text exists for the objects: the system has issues with these "eastern languages" (topic of code page and presentation in SAP gui),

I was now informed that the data manipulation e.g. in "Thai" or other eastern languages) is not working well if we have a "long text".

We have now with current release of SAP ERP the choice to use the "Word Editor" for maintaining long texts etc. So we are analysing this option now.

Therefore two questions:

a.) which risks need to be considered (for SAP unicode system) if we want to use the "word Editor" (instead of Line Editor etc.)?

b.) is there any risk of "data disruptance"?

c:) other risks to consider?

As a guidance. refer to this blog:

This is related to "SAP Script" and "Smartform" but it should be true as well for EHS and "identifiers", "phrases" etc.

and this link:

(this is a reference to an OSS):

Example: what will change (if there is really a change) if MS Word is used as editor in context of:

- Data import (EHS Standard Data import or OCC EHS import)

- Data exchange (e.g. ALE)

I have seen a number of challenges in using eastern" languages mainly in WWI; but i know as well "side" effects for e.g. CG02 / CG12 maintenance

E.g refer to:

To make it simple: who is using the "word Editor" for maintaining phrases, identfiers or user defined text? Any experience here?