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Jul 31, 2018 at 09:20 AM

Automatic Shipment HU creation for the EWM TU creation


Hi there,

We have the scenario where we do external Transportation Planning in a 3rd party system and create the ERP Shipment via IDoc TPSSHT01 / SHIPPL out of the planning result. This ERP Shipment is later on supposed to be sent to SAP EWM via IDOC SHPMNT05 / SHPMNT. The prerequisite for this IDoc to EWM is a Handling Unit in the Shipment which represents the Transportation Unit.

Question is how is this supposed to work in an automated environment, meaning how can the HU creation in the ERP Shipment for the sake of TU creation in EWM be automated? Is there any standard way to do that? If not, please share some experience on how this could be done via Exit or similar. To my knowledge the ERP Packing Instructions cannot be used here.

Thanks and kind regards