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Former Member
Apr 20, 2009 at 07:02 PM

Multiple Values Don't Seem to Work


I've a report that I've designed where I want to select all of the part numbers that have operations performed on them within a period that I've selected. I've set up parameters for the start and end dates of the period and I've also set up a parameter for the part number selections. I have set the part number parameter up so that multiple values are allowed and so that it also brings up all of the part numbers in the database so the user can select the part numbers that he'd like to be contained in the report. When I run the report, it appears to be displaying the part numbers in the database OK and I can select multiple part numbers. However, when the report runs and does its thing, only the first part number selected is reported, all of the rest of the part numbers in the list are ignored. Crystal says there is only one page for the report. Again, I do have allow multiple values selected for the paramenter. I've also tried this with a new report that basically contains only the prompt for the part number parameter and I'm having the same problem. Can someone help me?