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Apr 20, 2009 at 03:10 PM

Custom Homepage, Hyperlink, And Not Wanting to Show Portal Header


Hello Everyone,

We are in the process of developing Employee Self Service and we are wanting to create a custom home page and not use the overview pages that come standard with ESS. We are still using standard ESS components, it's just that the home page of ESS will be a custom HTML page.

This custom HTML page will has been loaded into Knowledge Management.

With this being said, we want to provide links to the various ESS components/iviews from the custom home page. The problem we are encountering is that when a link from the home page is clicked, the Portal Header and Top Level Navigation is appearing in the Portal Content area along with the ESS service.

Does anyone know how to prevent the Portal Header and Top Level navigation from showing in the content area when an ESS service link is selected from a custom home page? We only want the ESS service itself to appear in the content area.