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Apr 20, 2009 at 02:03 PM

Issues with Upgrade to WebTools 6 SP01 PL02


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to check and see if anyone else had issues with the upgrade to the latest and greatest patch of Webtools SP01 PL02. I tried last night and ran into 3 major errors:

1. I received an error related to npdatepicker that it exists in two different DLL's. I validated that all dll's were updated, but continued to receive this error.

2. When trying to place the order, I received an error that the credit card was invalid. I could not get past this screen. I was not even using a credit card for the Order, it was going "On Account", but would not let me place the order. I didn't see that I needed to change anything for processing credit cards and it worked fine in the previous version.

3. All Order Confirmations were re-sent, back from the beginning of time. Now, usually I turn that off, which I did, but I rebooted the machine and it kicked off the message service, but why would all of the orders be re-sent? The flags should not have flipped during the upgrade.

I am going to submit a ticket for all of these issues, but was just wondering if anyone else ran into these problems. Please let me know, your help is greatly appreciated.