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Apr 20, 2009 at 11:52 AM

Error in PDF


Hi All,

I am facing a problem in one of my PDF forms in WebDynpro. I have 2 subforms (one set as a Table and another as Western Text to display n records by looping the Node) which contains an Input field for displaying a value in my PDF form. But the problem is that when the last line of the page is encountered the remaining data is not flown to the next page, instead data is again started from the first line.

Eg: if is content to be displayed

1. I am an SDn user

2. I have a problem in PDF

3. Please resolve it.

then if the end of page in encountered in the 2nd Point, after starting in the next page the 3rd data is not displayed, but 1st point is again displayed

I tried by changing the settings of the Subform (Allow page break within contents option).

Now every record is displayed in fresh page if i remove the option of Allow page break in the inner subform and if i dont do that then the records are displayed one below the other but the overflow does not take place and the problem mentioned above happens.

Please let me know what has to be done to achieve both of them (one record following the other and repetations of the old data)


Poojith M V