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Jul 31, 2018 at 06:08 PM

Additional database logon prompt on CR Viewer if Dynamic parameter is used


Hello SAP team,

I have a report with a sub-report. Both are using the same OLE DB database connection for the "command" and the rest of the data in the report. The main report has a dynamic parameter of type string which is using the list of values returned by the command as the data source.

The parameter defined in the subreport is a static “String” type parameter which takes its value from the main report from the link. The report works fine on crystal designer, but when it runs on crystal reports viewer via web application then it gives the additional database logon prompt before prompting to input values for the report parameters. How do I get rid of the additional database logon prompt?

I am running the report from a .NET based web application. Also, the database credentials for the connection are assigned by C# code.

I came across the following article discussing the same issue, but did not find an answer to the problem I am facing.

Any suggestion to troubleshoot this issue would be helpful.

I am using CR 2016 Support Pack 3 – Version