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Jul 31, 2018 at 03:51 PM

SUSE or RED HAT LINUX for SAP HANA on x86 ???


Hi everyone !

We are running ECC 6 EHP7 on NW 749 (non-unicode) and BW on NW 7.5, all on IBM AIX with an Oracle 12.1 DB backend.

Our management has signed us to migrate out of Oracle DB, to SAP HANA.

We are looking to deploy SAP HANA 2.0 on x86.

We have a mature Red Hat Enterprise Linux practice in place, with 25% of all x86 VM's, and growing fast.

However, we are getting signals with regards to SUSE being far superior to support our SAP HANA environment.

We did find 2 items that do give SUSE an edge : large page support and live kernel patching.

Any other items that we should be aware of, on either SLES or RHEL, to run SAP applications overall, and moreover so, SAP HANA ?

We do have IT analysis firms telling us to go with RHEL, but we'd really like to have some reassurance with regards to it being "OK" at the very least.