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Jul 31, 2018 at 02:45 PM

How to post Local Currency Differene amount appeared between GR & IR


Hi All,

PO Currency is AUD. Co Code Currency is NZD

GR & IR created in AUD currency but Co Code Currency updated with different value based on exchange rate maintain in TCURR table at the time of GR & IR.

Note - in T code - (OMRW - Treatment of Exchange rate different between GR & IR) configuration we have selected setting 'N'

N: No exchange rate differences, only price differences

No exchange rate differences will be calculated. Instead, differences from exchange rate variations will be considered as price differences and posted to a price difference account.

I can not change the OMRW setting.

Kindly suggest how to post /clear difference appearing in Co Code Currency between GR & IR.


gr-ir-issue-1.png (336.9 kB)
gr-ir-issue-2.png (203.5 kB)
gr-ir-issue-1.png (335.8 kB)
gr-ir-issue-2.png (187.9 kB)
gr-ir-issue-2.png (187.9 kB)