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Jul 31, 2018 at 07:22 AM

Add Line in UDO Matrix, via UI SDK



I’m working on an AddOn that it includes a step of adding a line in a UDO’s matrix. By using the oMatrix.AddRow(1,oMatrix.RowCount); command it’s duplicating all the attributes (hidden or visible) of the last row. After using the oMatrix.ClearRowData(oMatrix.RowCount); command the visible cells are cleared but not the hidden ones (including the LineID and other identifying features of the line). This results is that the UDO is not able to be updated due to the rows not being unique. Unfortunately the Add Line option in the right click menu has its own unique ID for every UDO matrix that doesn’t seem to follow a distinctive pattern.

My goal is to just Add a new empty line in the matrix that I can then fill. Can anyone help?

Thank you