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Apr 17, 2009 at 08:12 PM

GR notification to PO Creator


All -

I had a question regarding GR notifications.

One of our requirements is to send a notification to the PO creator (buyer) when a GR is done on one of their PO's. I tried the following:

1. MN21 - maintained output condition records for output type MLGR.

Partner function = MP;

Message transmission = 7 (Simple mail);

Despatch time = 4 (Start immediately when saving the application);

Language key = EN (English).

2. M706 - Output type MLGR

maintained Access Sequence 0002 (GR Mails);

Access to condition is checked / flagged on and Partner function MP.

3. M708 - procedure selected is ME0001 and requirement is 171.

This only gives us a message that a GR was done, doesnt say which PO, what qty etc.. Please help!