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HCM P&F: Check and Send won't update back end fields?

Hi All,

Here is my issue: I have a field that is not editable on the screen - we manipulate it using a generic service that is called when the user presses a button.

Of course, as we know, all services are called every time 1 service is called, so it ALSO gets called at check and send.

This would be fine, except P&F appears to not actually change the field value at check and send.

So for instance - I click the button and it puts a value of 1.05 in the field. Great - works fine.

If I don't click the button and instead only click check & send - I can see in debugger that it is doing the calculation and putting the correct value in the service_datasets table, but when the form loads the value is not updated on the screen and it is not passed to the next step.

Should check and send manipulate that value? If not, is there a way to force the user event to be called? Sadly, I can't set the field as required, because the required check passes before P&F ignores the new value...

Alternatively, I suppose if there were a way to know the difference between check & send and a user event in the code, that would be good enough.

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    Apr 20, 2009 at 07:37 PM

    "Check" should change it just like your User Event does. Is your User Event set to do "check" operation too or is it doing "initialize"? That might be a difference. But yes....the check/send should be changing it on the form to reflect the new value. I do it all the time (for example, in on of my processes right now I have a table of wage types and when the user adds a new wage type to the table, another field is triggered that shows the calculated annual salary in an non-edit form field.....same kinda idea as you are trying).

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    • The user event is a "check" event.

      BTW - it's doing this in ALL my forms. That could just mean that I did the same thing incorrectly 3 times, but I thought it was relevant.


      PS, I haven't forgotten the other thread, I (and our WF guy) just haven't had the time to go messing with things.