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Nov 10, 2016 at 10:26 AM

Shipment Cost Document - Settlement Date Issue


Hi all,

i'm facing a problem on Shipment Cost Document about the Settlement Date determination.


-The users create the Shipment via VT01N and save it

-In BADI_LE_SHIPMENT, at SAVE event, the "Shipment start" Actual date (VTTK-DATBG), if the user already pushed the Shipment Start button, is overwritten with the 1st delivery GI date (LIKP-WADAT_IST)

-The user create the shipment cost document with VI01 or VI04 standard transaction.

-Then the user can transfer the SCD via a custom transaction which only show with a better layout and additional infos a list similar to VI05. There is also a button to relase SCD which basically run a call transaction of VI05 with BDC to release the SCD.

All pretty standard (except the overwritting of "Shipment start" Actual date (VTTK-DATBG)

In customizing, the consultants set up the pricing and settlement date to take the VTTK-DATBG

The issue
Now, I have a 70% of the SCDs' dates correctly set up with this configuration but i also have a 30% of SCDs with "random" settlement dates like this situation



What i did

I tried to replicate the situation in QA system, without success.

I tried to remove the overwrite of Shipment Start date, without success.

I tried to check for OSS Notes but none seems to fit the situation.

So, there is anything i could check? I'm an ABAPer so all i can do is to debug and check a bit of customizing, but it seems all ok (and our consultants said it's all ok)




shipment.png (60.9 kB)
scd.png (3.5 kB)