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ChaRM Approval Procedure re-determination in 7.2

Hello experts!

Our ChaRM Approval Procedure is based on Multi-level Categorization using a Rule Policy.

When we were in 7.1, Approval Procedure re-determination worked successfully.

In 7.2, the re-determination does not work. For example, when selecting a categorization value the first time, the Approval Procedure is determined Then, when changing the categorization to a value that should change the Procedure, the Procedure is not changed.

Here is some of the configuration:

The re-determination worked in 7.1. Any recommendations on how to get it work in 7.2?

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


approval1.jpg (327.2 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Posted on Jul 31, 2018 at 04:15 AM

    Hi Robyn

    My guess on the issue here would be, the approval procedure gets locked in the initial save. And thereafter, even if you change the category, it doesn't affect or re-determine the relevant approval procedures.

    This is based on configuration made in the Approval settings, configuring it to be locked at initial save or when the system status is "Awaiting for Approval". In the latter case, until the status is set to "To be approved" you will be able to re-determine the Approval procedures.

    The configurations shall be done as shown below.

    SPRO NODE: Define Approval Settings:

    Lock Approval Procedure:

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  • Posted on Aug 06, 2018 at 03:53 PM

    SAP provided the changes that were released in 7.2 that impacted the Approval Determination procedure. Here is their feedback regarding the new changes::

    This was in order to allow the Approval Procedure to be copied from an RfC template to the resultant RfC. For this purpose, ChaRM has its own approval determination callback function which would only determine the procedure if it is still empty. This callback function prevents the re-determination from occurring in all situations.

    If a copy of the Approval Procedure from an RfC template to an RfC is not needed, there are steps the can be followed to point to a different callback function that would allow the redetermination to still be possible:

    1. Enter transaction CRMV_EVENT
    2. In Callback, enter AIC_APPROVAL_DETER_EC
    3. Click Callback for Cat./Obj./Event
    4. Switch to edit moden
    5. In Functions column, replace all functions currently containinAIC_APPROVAL_DETER_EC with CRM_SRQM_RFC_APPROVAL_DETER_EC
    6. Click Save

    Close and reopen SM_CRM and try to repeat steps to re-determine the approval procedure.

    **** I applied this change to the event and the Approval Procedure re-determination worked successfully

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