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Apr 17, 2009 at 01:03 PM

Bug in spreadsheet component with numeric formatting of negative numbers



I've run into a problem with the spreadsheet component and numeric formatting of negative numbers in parenthesis.

In Excel columns of numbers that have negative values enclosed in parethesis have their decimal points line up with positive numbers. Excel's numeric formatting does this by putting a whitespace character at the end of formatted text of the cell for positive numbers.

The problem occurs with the spreadsheet control in that it is stripping any trailing whitespace from the cell text which is a big no-no. This is a clearly a bug as it destroys the numeric formating and causes the positive and negative numbers in the column to not line up by their decmal points.

Management is not happy about this and I've tried workarounds but the spreadsheet component always removes trailing whitespace. Business accounting always done with negative numbers in parenthesis so using minus signs instead of parenthesis for negative numbers is not an option.

Is there any known workaround for this problem?

Can this problem be fixed in a future hot fix or with an improved add-on component?


Dave Reed