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Aug 01, 2018 at 11:07 AM

Lumira Designer 2.1: Passing BEx Variable value with placeholder to datasource


Hi Community,

i have the following scenario:

i want to filter in application prompt via placeholders for dimension PROJECT with a BEx variable ZV_PROJECT.

For example: PR17* , that means all values of dimension PROJECT starting with PR17.

For testing and further processing, i implemented in the onStartUp Event code as follows:


if (DS_1.get VariableValueExt("ZV_PROJECT") !="")


var proj=DS_1.getMembers("PROJECT", 1000);

var proj2= ' ';

proj.forEach(function(element, index)


proj2=proj2 + element.internalKey + ";" ;



After loading the application with filter PR17* on dimension PROJECT, TEXT_DIM_PROJECT contains PR170001;PR170002;PR170003;...

On development system everything seems to work, that means Datasource DS_1 is filtered on PR17* and the TEXT_DIM_PROJECT has all required values.

On production system datasource DS_1 is not filtered on PR17*, its filtered like PR* and the TEXT_DIM_PROJECT contains all Projects.

It looks like the variable value PR17* is ignored on production system, DS_1 is not filtered when using a filter like PR17*

Do you have any ideas whats wrong? Why systems behave different with the same coding?

We have:

Lumira 21.1.0

application design is done on SAPBusinessObjects BI Platform (Legacy)