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Apr 16, 2009 at 09:25 PM

Examples about ABAP Proxies and Web Services creation


Hi everybody.

I have been reading SAP NW PI 7.1 help about Web Service creation and sincerely, I am a bit confused. Also I have searched SDN forums, blogs and documents but my confusion persist.

I will try to depict my integration scenario below.

SLD are conformed by two machines: SAP ECC 6.0 system, client 100 and SAP PI 7.1 system, client 001.

There are two integration scenarios.

1. ABAP Client Proxy -> PI -> Web Service

I need to consume a Web Service provided by a third part. They provided me with WSDL files and I imported them into ESR. I already construted all other objects (data types, message types, etc.). In the examples I found I cann't see what to do with those definitions, I don't find any suitable example. This is an asynchronous scenario. The Web Service will be consumed from SAP ECC 6.0 system through an ABAP Cliente Proxy.

2. Web Service -> PI -> ABAP Server Proxy

I need to provide a Web Service for others to consume it. I already have created the WSDL for Service Interface I created in ESR using the respective wizard in Integration Builder. This is an asynchronous scenario. The Web Service will be consumed by others outside landscape configuration. When the Web Service is consumed must run an ABAP Server Proxy.

In spite of my investigation about Web Services building in SAP NW PI 7.1 I cann't finish my work successfully.

I just need a good example, any suitable example for each integration scenario.

Thanks in advance.

Rafael Rojas.