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Apr 16, 2009 at 04:52 PM

Problem with WM_ENHANCMENT implementation


Hi all,

I deeply need to use throughout transaction LT04 (Create Transfer Order from TR) the BADI

WM_ENHANCMENT wich would allow me to export and record some essential data along with the saving and creation of the order,

I don't expressly use the existing user exit EXIT_SAPLL03T_001 as it doesn't work within that transaction.

Problem is I can't find a proper way to implement WM_ENHANCMENT Badi,

Sure thing it doesn't provide the classic implementation mode in SE18 (Implement.->Create) stopping message is:

"BAdI definition WM_ENHANCMENT is only provided for SAP internal use",

Beside: no way to Implementation by using enhancement spot, and/or copying interfaces, classes so on, may be I'm not taking properly the required steps, (I'm still not used to build Badi's implamentation by new way),

Please; Does anybody would provide me the true goods step by step moves to implement this perculiar Badi from SE18 or SE19, (I repeat the classic Badi impl. can't be done),

Many thanks in advance,