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Accessing PowerDesigner Internal Object Identifiers

Aug 01 at 04:22 AM


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I am a fairly novice SAP PowerDesigner (PD) user. Our organization uses PD to for Conceptual, Logical, and Physical Data Models.

We recently undertook an initiative to build a custom user-friendly web-based Data Governance tool, external to PowerDesigner. We are hoping to export our Logical Entities, Attributes, and LDDs from PD to the Data Governance tool, and then keep them in-sync going forward with changes PD. Same goes for the Physical Tables, Columns and PDDs.

The challenge is that once we have the PD objects in the Data Governance Tool, we are extending the properties, plus linking them to other PD objects and/or non-PD objects. We cannot do a complete re-load each time. Any new PD objects should be inserted into the Tool, but updated PD objects should be updated in-place within the Tool.

How would we link the PD Objects to the Tool Objects? We can't use the Object Name, because it might change. The Object Code also seems to change when the Name is changed - can this be disabled? Or Is there an internal PD object identifier we might be able to access, which would never change?

Other suggestions?


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1 Answer

George McGeachie Aug 01 at 06:13 AM

You need the ObjectID property, Michael. values will look like this:


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Yes, that appears to be what we need.

How can we access this ObjectID property? I don't see it in either the Reports Wizard or List Reports Wizard properties, which are the 2 mechanisms we had hoped to use to get the metadata out of PD.


You need to create a computed extended attribute, which can be accessed via a List Report or Report. In the Get script for the Extended Attribute, set the value to obj.ObjectID


As an alternative, you can extract JSON from PowerDesigner to import into your governance tool using GTL templates in a model extension - I've done that recently for importing into Collibra