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SF LMS AICC Text Modification

Dear Team,

How to modify text which is available in Front page of AICC file.

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Dec 15, 2016 at 12:10 PM

    Hi Ram,

    If you are talking about the AICC wrapper that you apply on other content file formats then it is not posible with the system wrapper but you could have your own wrapper with the text that you want.

    Resolution :

    Please use custom wrappers(you could download this off the internet or at "" where a customer has provided a zip file and customise it as per your wish) and apply it with the content. This is just a HTML package, with CSS and JavaScript, that could be customised with the help of your HTML developers.

    Wrapper Customisation:
    1) Please extract the zip file and open the "wrapper.html"(in case of the zip file that you could find in the link provided above) in a browser window to check how this wrapper would look like.

    2) To edit this, please open the "trackFrame.html" file in notepad/notepad++ and edit the text accordingly and save it and now open the "wrapper.html" in browser to see the changes updated.
    3) Now the important part is to connect this custom wrapper to the content which is explained below, where the Filename points to the wrapper and the parameter points to the document for which the wrapper should be applied to.

    Consider this example:
    a) Consider the URL Prefix is "/iContent/CUSTOM/support/" and the content folder present in the root directory is "Vish"
    b) the wrapper file and the document("WrapperPDF.pdf") is placed in a folder called "CustomWrapper" that is present inside the "Vish" folder.

    1) Place the custom wrapper folder(unzipped) in the content server and place the document that you would like to apply the wrapper on in the same or different location.
    2) Create a Content Object at Content->Content Objects->Add New->Provide an ID and title->Add
    3) Go to the Launch method and select "AICC" as the Launch type and
    4) Considering the above mentioned example, the Filename would be like "/iContent/CUSTOM/support/Vish/CustomWrapper/wrapper.html"and Parameters should be like "docURL=/iContent/CUSTOM/support/Vish/CustomWrapper/WrapperPDF.pdf"
    5) Apply Changes, associate it with an item and assign it to Users.


    PS: Support Engineers do not do any customisation in the customer instances and working/assisting on this request is totally out of our scope and if you have any queries or issues with this please take assistance from a HTML developer or our Managed Services(paid service for customisation) to get the desired result and do not raise a support incident. Thank you for understanding. Hope this helps !

    Best Regards,

    K S Sri Vishnu

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    Former Member
    Posted on Feb 05, 2017 at 01:43 AM

    Hi Vishnu,

    Its really helpful information. Just a quick question . Why can't we test this by Launch Proxy after assigning to user?,

    Thank you && Regards


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