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Jul 29, 2018 at 01:15 PM

APO product interchangeability w. supersession chain


Hello all,

i'm trying to implement the Prod.Int w. supersession chain. I've followed sap library instructions, bu ti have few dubt.

Is possible to implement it w/o using atp check and only with conversion indicator? In this case, atp must be deactivated or only RBATP w. substitution cannot be used? What i have to do in this case, i'm not been able to make it work w/o atp.

If Atp is mandatory, it is possible to perform substitution w/o quantity confirmed for the successor material. Atm in my scenario (with atp check) the substitution order gets created corrrectly. When i set the conversion indicator and atp runs the substitution material is displayed w. the predecessor material. But when i convert the order the successor material is lost. It work only if the availability of the successor material is given by stock, but not for all other element (pur req, pur ord, planned order, etc) also if the ATP tab in RPP3 is ok and checking rule correcty considers the element and atp runs after conversion confirm the qty for successor material.

Please give me any suggestion.