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Jul 28, 2018 at 11:30 AM

how to check and resolve 'Entry 84082020 does not exist in T604F (check entry)'


While creating a material master, by mistake the user has maintained Configurable Material filed in MRP 3 view. Now once the material master is saved, the field is not editable. Is there a way out to remove the code maintained in that field ?

I've tried to remove the same through MARC table, but even there the system gives message 'Entry 84082020 does not exist in T604F (check entry)'.

In the above case Variant or planning variant checks are not maintained, so the system atleast allows me to change the BOM on the material.

But in few cases, where the check is maintained for Variant, system doesn't even allows to change the BOM of material.

Any resolution for both cases?