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Apr 15, 2009 at 06:18 PM

Classification Datasource (CTBW) - Different characteristic onfig. in R/3


I generated a material classification datasource (1CL_*) in development with CTBW transaction and then include it in a transport and move it to quality. But we are facing the issue that on R/3 side the master data team did not define the characteristics (CT04 transaction) exactly in the same way in all environments (specifically I am talking about different lengths u2013 for example a characteristic being 30 chars in Dev/ Qal and 10 in Prod). The MD team said that this is not transportable in R/3 since it is considered master data u2013 so, it is manual configuration in each environment.

How is this 'flexibility' managed in BI?. Is the generation of the datasource using CTBW transaction something that should be done in each environment? If the response is yes, the issue is the system should have to open for modifications (customizing). And this is something that will need to be done (open system, regenerate CTBW) everytime they decide to change a characteristic definition.

Also, this is not something that they can replicate in dev, since it is not allowed by the system to shorten the length of the characteristic (only to expand it). So, even if we want to replicate the case in dev., regenerate the datasource and transport, it is not possible. And also, how to avoid this being done directly in production at any time (since R/3 standard gives this flexibility when considering this as master data)?.

Did anyone have / hear any similar scenario?. Thanks!