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interfase bdoc channel configuration required data provider error


In the integration monitor I am trying to create a bdoc channel from a CRM system. but when trying to save it I am getting error "prerequisites for applying template bdoc (realtime monitoring) not fullfilled, required data provider / monitor not found in SID-ABAP'

both "schedule extrractors" and "load st-a/pi meta data from managed syst" finished fine.

according with the SAP support portal from BDOC channel, the managed system technical prerequisites are fine:

Managed system its CRM 7.0 and has st-A/PI 01S_731 SP3.

Was trying to look more detail log information about message and what "data provider" missing solman its looking for, but haven't found it.

Any idea of what could be missing?

Also any idea on how to look for more detailed information about what Solman its looking for this " ... data provider / monitor not found"?


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