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Apr 15, 2009 at 12:34 PM

SAP walking the talk


In a [blog post|/people/franz.hero/blog/2009/04/14/what-are-they-thinking-part-2-about-sustainability] titled What are they thinking!?! Part 2 about Sustainability, Franz Hero of SAP said:

"SAP will reduce CO2 emissions per employee per 60% until 2020. This will be achieved by:

- less travel

- a different company car policy

- better facility management

- investing in communication infrastructure

- Green IT

- and other measures.

This is a very ambitious goal but we can only create credibility in the market if we as SAP also behave in a very sustainable manner. Personally this means I will give back my SUV and will replace it by a much more fuel efficient car next month."

I have differentiated the components of the reduction plan to ask the next questions:

- which of these components has the most potential?

- which components will be the hardest to achieve

- how will SAP measure "green IT"?