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Jul 26, 2018 at 09:58 PM

MB26 Batch determination for Production Order picking the component batch already allocated to DN

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Hello Experts,

We have a scenario like this...


FG - 7777 - 1 ea

SFG - 6666 - 30 ea

Batch B1 stock for material 6666 is 30 EA ( only 30 ea available)

Sales order S1 created for SFG 6666 for qty 30 ea--> Delivery D1 is created with 30 ea by determining the batch B1 --> TO created in WM--> confirmed but not PGI yet.

Now production order 12345 created for FG 7777

Execute MB26 for order 12345 then component 6666 is displayed for picking.

When I click Batch determination button MB26 for 6666, its picking batch B1 for 30 ea.

How is this possible? because we already confirmed the same batch 30 ea for delivery D1.

Not sure what's missing. Can you guys help on this?