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Apr 15, 2009 at 11:09 AM

Licensing over Internet / External Network


Dear Experts,

I have SAP B1 running fine in our Local Area Network at Head Office, now we have setup a new branch in another location. We have a Static IP Internet Connection at our Head Office. I have configured the DSL Router to forward ports 1433 (MSSQL) and 30000 (SAP B1 Licensing Port) to the Local Server in our network.

When SAP B1 Client was run from the branch, for the first time I hit the Change Company button to show Choose Company box, and changed the SQL Server to the Static IP xx.xx.xx.xx of the HO and it was able to pull down the list of companies availabe, next it showed the License Server Selection box, where I give the same Static IP and let the port number remain at 30000, after a timeout period I get an error message saying "Connection with license failed [Message 60070-15]"

There is a workaround for this (using remote desktop) but I am strongly not in favour of it, as it required me to allow remote user to login into the server, also my SAP Partner suggested a software called GoGlobal, and we already have one, but this again is license based, hence more cost. I am also convinced that the approach that I am trying will work, but I am just not getting it right.

I am also unsure if the solution falls within the scope of networking or SAP

I am at the end of my wits trying to resolve this