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Jul 26, 2018 at 09:15 AM

Installing PAS for Solution Manager 7.2 ABAP after SUM DMO process



We used the SUM DMO function to upgrade our SAP Solution Manager from version 7.1 to 7.2 and to change the database from MaxDB to SAP ASE on a Linux host. Beforehand we had a standard system with ASCS, SCS, PAS and MaxDB database on one windows virtual machine. After the DMO procedure and the dual-stack split we have the following system landscape.

Old Windows host

PAS and ASCS for SolMan ABAP instance

New Linux ABAP host after DMO

SAP ASE database for ABAP schema

New Linux JAVA host after DMO and dual-stack split

(we used the option „Perform an OS / DB migration during dual-stack split“)

PAS and SCS for SolMan JAVA instance

SAP ASE database for JAVA schema

The SAP ASE database for ABAP was prepared with SWPM option „Generic Options -> SAP ASE -> Preparations -> Database Migration Option -> Prepare Database instance“ before we started the SUM DMO process.

Question: What is the reason why this SWPM option asks for the source profile directory?

Now we want to migrate the ASCS and PAS from the Windows host to the Linux database host with the ABAP schema. We want to have a standard system on Linux, like beforehand on Windows. With the SAP HANA database we used the SWPM option „<Product> - <Database> - System Copy - Target System - Distributed System - Based on <Technical Stack> - ABAP SAP Central Services and Primary Application Server Instance.“.

But if we execute the PAS installation on the Linux host, the SWPM only asks for the RDBMS DVD from SAP ASE. There are no dialog about the access data and/or connection data. If we continue the installation anywhere it failed because the PAS could connect to the database. The environment variables and profile isn’t correct.

How can we achieve the move of the ASCS and PAS from Windows to Linux? Where is our fallacy?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,