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Apr 15, 2009 at 07:48 AM

SAP XI 3.0 Same source for different target in std Value mapping function



We have replicated 4 value mapping entries from R3 to XI having the same Context , Agency , Schema and value for source, but each of the 4 values has the same Context and Agency but different Schema and Value respectively.

To illusstate :

Source                             |Target
Context Agency Schema    Value -----Context Agency   Schema     Value
CS1      AS1      SS1      1        CT1       AT1      ST1       A
CS1      AS1      SS1      1        CT1       AT1      ST2       A
CS1      AS1      SS1      1        CT1       AT1      ST3       B

This value mapping is not working and we always get the source value as the result.

We are wondering if the reason for this is that we use the same source for different targets. But we are not 100 % sure of it.

When I read the documentation on Value mapping or when we use the value mapping standard function in graphical mapping, we pass the context , agency and schema of the source and target respectively and the source value to get the target value, and this combination is always unique in our case as seen in the above example.

Has anyone faced this kind of an issue, if yes I would appreciate if anyone could help us resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance.