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Apr 14, 2009 at 05:27 PM

General BADi question:Call BADi in background job/batch input. Possible?


Hi out there,

i'm using thoe following BADi: /SAPSLL/CTRL_SD0C_R3 (Global Trade Service).

But also, this question is a general question.

If we are calling on screen the transaction VF01, the BADi is called correctly.

But unfortunately it seemes that the BADi is NOT called (im not really sure, cause i can't debug the background task) when we are calling a batch input sequence wth f.e. form bdc_transaction VF01 nothing happens.

Maybe BADi cannot be called in a background task? If it's possible, how could it be monitored. Thare isw no spool entry or anything like that!

Any answer can help.

Thank you in advance!



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