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Jul 25, 2018 at 06:41 AM

SAP OData Versioning


Hi all,

For my customer, we have following requirements:

We have to build a webservice, accessible to 3 consumer, that will gradually evolve to other consumers, but will also evolve in logic/fields to output.

In global API best practices, to achieve this, versioning is used.

I have been trying and looking into the 'extend OData service (gateway) option in SEGW, but can't achieve this result.

I tested with a basic structure (SE11) with 3 fields, created a version 0001 and tried to extend this service (while adapting the structure to 5 fields) to output 5 fields. However, I only get to see the original 3 fields.

The idea would be that if you call the service with v=0001, you get 3 fields, with v=0002, you get 5 fields. This way, we avoid impact on other parties, while offering the same webservice to all parties.

Am I doing this the correct way? Are there other options?