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Intercompany STO Pricing scenario

Dear All, I'm stuck in this scenario, and after reading many post I'm begging for help! I'm not SD expert, so I hope that I can explain myself. Heres my scenario:

We are creating an Intercompany STO, I can create PO in company A, MRP creates requisition to Company B (both companies are in my SAP) and I could customize the pricing in MM. We need to create a Fee in the invoice, but we need that fee in another FI Account.

The expected FI post should be like this:

In MM= (this is working good)
Raw Inventory 2.50
Intercompany Fee 2.50
Vendor 5.00

In SD= ( I can´t make this work)

Client 5.00

Sales 2.50

Intercompany Fee 2.50

PB00 condition have 5.00 (the material price) but I need to create some kind of discount and I can't find how to do it.

In the actual configuration, the invoice is bringing the next post:

Client 2.50
Intercompany Fee 2.50

Sales 5.00

Thanks in advance.

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  • Sorry, I tried 3 times to post in the "reply" option in your original post but for some reason that doesn't post, so I write it like an answer....

    I want the FI post to look like this:

    01 113902 180000.00
    50 410907 -90000.00
    50 511010 -90000.00

    SD Pricing should result in:
    Net Value 180000
    PB00 should be 90000
    ZC02 should be 90000

    I'm not sure if PB00 could be modified, because if I understand correctly, this condition is updated from MM, and in MM the product price is 180000

    Please, fell free of make all the questions that you need! Thanks a lot for all your help!

  • Lakshmipathi Ganesan César Humberto Pérez Barrera

    As already indicated, whenever you add any additional information to your original post, please do so under "Comment" and not "Answer" as you were not answering to query but providing additional information required by the members. Also, when you add your text under comment, it will be notified to the person who have responded to you which will not be the case for Answer. Meanwhile, I have converted your Answer to Comment

  • Thank you, I really tried to post as comment, not sure why this doesn't work so I have to put my comment as an answer.

    Next time I will be more carefull and try more harder.

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