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Apr 13, 2009 at 04:27 PM

Serial Number History is wiped off after GR from Rework PO is done



We have an issue where Serial number history gets wiped off.let me explain with an example.

Here say a serialized part is received from vendor thru 101 movement on 01/01/2009 and later it some internal goods movemets happened on this serial number like moving from QI ti unrestricted, goods issue to production order, later a problem is found on this part and it is sent to vendor thru 541 movement type for subcontracting rework.

Here there is a bug in Standard SAP program which will throw error for the serial number status while trying to recieve that part thru 101 movement agaisnt a rework PO. so we manualy change the serial number status to allow the 101 movement say on 04/01/2009. when we do 101movemtn all the hostory before this 101 movemnt is wiped off. that means history shows as if this serial number is created on 04/01/2009 when this is recieved thru 101 movement.

This doesnt happen on all serial numbers though we do change the serial number status manualy to recieve the parts from subcon vendor.

can anybody help if you have come accross simiralr issue