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Apr 13, 2009 at 07:36 AM

Activity confirmation


Dear Gurus,

I have a few queries regarding activities, their relationships & confirmation.

1. During planning, if one activity 'A' is a successor of say 3 activities and with all 3 it has different relationship (FS,SS,FF) with some offsets. Now out of the 3 activities to which the activity 'A' is linked, which one is the driver activity.Means, delay in which activity will effect the schedule of Activity 'A'. and how to find it.

2. How can we suspend an activity for some time in PS.

3. There is one service activity. After say 25%completion of same, its decided that remaining work will be carried out in-house (internally). What are different ways of handling such a scenario???

Pls give your valueable suggestions on this.