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Apr 13, 2009 at 07:16 AM

Batch management in distalleries


Hai gurus,

I have one scenario,

One of my client is manufacturer of Rectified spirit,where the Raw material is corn.It follows the following process

1) Raw corn -

>Milling done to form Corn powder.

2) Corn powder -

> Mixed with enzyme and cooked

3) Fermentation -

> yeast is added( Fermentation takes place for 72 Hrs)

4) Distillation -

> to get Rectified Spirit.

Here the corn is grinded to form corn powder and corn powder is mixed with enzyme and cooked,then the

yeast is added for fermentation process, finally fermented corn powder is heated and cooled to get rectified


Question No 1)

Here the process is continuous, and it will take nearly 5 days for input corn to get converted to spirit.

If that is the case how we can follow batch management at each and every stage for traceability.

Question No 2)

Also how to get the stock of the material at each stage, where storage capacity is huge.


sekar chand

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