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Apr 11, 2009 at 03:13 PM

Stock Taking w/Barcode Scanner


Hi all,

I am looking for the simplest way to conduct our stock takes using a Portable Data Collector Scanner (eg: Metrologic ScanPal or similar). At the moment, I can see:

1. Scan the stock we want to "stock take"

2. Generate CSV directly from Scanner onto PC

3. DTW


1. Can anyone see a simpler way?

2. Is there any way to simplify the DTW process specifically (instead of manually having to specify which tables etc etc we are updating each time)?

3. Is it safe to assume we can do this using barcodes only (ie: we don't have to specify the Item Code for the u/l)

4. Finally, any ideas on the easiest way to specify which warehouse we would be stock taking for?

The aim is to make the process achievable for even non-tech staff. Office closed till Tuesday, so can't test myself at the moment - apologies in advance for question (3) above.

Thanks in advance,