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Apr 10, 2009 at 10:12 PM

BI Accelerator Project



We have BI 7.0. Current database size is nearly 600gb. We have started a new BI project to extract data from IS-U-CCS module. We expect nearly 1TB of data for this new project. Right now we are about to complete the designing phase and start the implementation in our development system. We are going to have many canned reports and many adhoc reports. We are using BO as front end(that consumes BI queries). We have concerns about performance and we are looking for BIA implementation. I have the following questions.

1)We know that data volume is going to be very high. But we don't know at what stage we have to decide whether to go for BIA or not .My question is whether we have to implement the cubes, do test loads and run queries and check the database time and all the event ids 9000,9010 and 9011(selected/transferred) and decide whether to go for BIA or not ?.What is the rule of thumb for selecting BIA?

2)We have to put BIA implementation in our project schedule. Most of the documents tell that BIA is like a Plug and Play installation, as the vendor provides the preinstalled BIA blade servers. What is the approximate time it takes for the delivery of the BIA server and for the configuration of BIA application?. How much resource it requires from the BW team?.

3)Does the latest version of BIA supports DSO/ODS?. Do we require EHP 1 for BI 7.0 for the BIA-DSO/ODS support?.

Thanks in advance.