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How to create new batch in VLMOVE when doing Matrial to material transfer (309) Movement ?

Hi I have one case here ,

when we are doing Material to material transfer 309 movement for Handling units in VLMOVE it posting stock to same batch only.

i am using batch management so its not seems correct to use same batch when material is changed for handling unit stock.

Kindly suggest if there is any way where i can create new batch while doing VLMOVE 309 movement so that i shall get stock in new batch after movement.

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2 Answers

  • Posted on Aug 01, 2018 at 01:47 PM

    I'm not sure what you mean here? Handling units should not change any batch numbers. In fact, handling units are a way to prevent from doing that.

    By definition a handling unit can contain multiple batches, in fact, multiple materials as well. So I wouldn't expect any batch numbers to be changed.

    I don't have a system available that uses HU's to look at your issue. But typically,. you really shouldn't be doing a material to material movement with a handling unit anyway. Why is that being done? It used to be you had to unpack an HU, make any necessary changes, and then repack the HU(s).

    I use the analogy of a cargo box, with multiple pallets, each containing multiple materials and batches. You physical can't relabel the material on a pallet unless you unpack the cargo box, find the pallet, in-shrink wrap it, find the right box, relabel it with the new material information and then you have to repack the whole thing again.

    Sometimes I think plants miss use HU's concept hand apply to use it internally for tracking pallets when it's not technically designed for that. It's more designed for shipping processes. Or for places that reuse containers and the material inside is uniform, i.e. all the same material. That's why when you start handling everything, everywhere in HU's you can find a lot of things way more cumbersome to do.


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  • Posted on Aug 02, 2018 at 09:18 AM

    Hi Craig

    My Case is as below

    I have one Handling Unit with Material 1001 with batch "A" as below screen shot in VLMOVE where i am doing Material to material transfer 309.

    Then i am changing material code , the new code in which i am putting stock from old material. But here system allow me to edit batch no. as well , So i want here instead of manual batch edit there should be option to create new system generated batch, LIke we do have at time of inbound delivery creation.

    Screens as below :

    Inbound Delivery Screen (VL31N) :

    I hope now i am able to clear my self

    1.jpg (130.3 kB)
    2.jpg (232.6 kB)
    3.jpg (78.0 kB)
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